VirtuGals’ objective is to provide selected, pre-contracted and negotiated services, in the form of a personal Virtual Assistant. 

We provide online assistance with all travel related queries and arrangements, as well as a range of administrative, financial, digital and written assignments, tailored to your personal requirements and deadlines.

 Innovation, utilization and dissemination of the best available products and structures currently at my disposal are an all too important issue to my clients today – allowing me to propose assistance on broad spectrum projects, alleviating the need for the employment of specialists in each field by my clients.  I have developed a niche in the corporate travel market, whilst gaining invaluable hands-on experience in all levels of business administration and management.

I have launched VirtuGals to ensure that I remain abreast of the rapid and constant technological changes affecting my professional competency and capabilities.  In a predominantly fee-based industry, my revenue or income is entirely dependent on offering a superior service and a clear cost saving.  I would like to ensure that my clients receive the best of both of these, as I do believe that this makes the world of difference!      

Are you a busy executive whose passport is screaming out to be stamped; in desperate need of some vitamin “sea”?

Are you at the point where you know that a change in latitude might change your  attitude?

Do you need to be reminded that almost anything will work again if you unplug it, even you?
Do any of these lighthearted, although very realistic questions strike a chord?
Look no further –

Our mission is to give you back the gift of some free time, enabling you to focus on what you enjoy – not only from a professional perspective, but also your leisure and personal activities that keep your life balanced.